Bye bye 2015. Welcome 2016.

2015 is fading and within hours it will be history. It has been a great (and a hard) year. I have been able to fulfill most of my goals and challenges for this year and I feel really proud. My leg and back prevented me from running a 20k, and old resolution. But this is coming with me for this new year and this time I am pretty sure I will do it.

Lyon, Oporto, Scottish road trip, Finland, India, the beach… what an awesome year for traveling.  I have discovered new cultures, enjoyed beautiful places and known amazing people. I have taken notes and reflected on a lot of things I would like to share here sometime this new year. Especially my Indian adventure.

And music. A lot of concerts. A lot of festivals. Have you ever enjoyed a music festival? No? What are you waiting for? Primavera Sound, Lowcost Festival, Mulafest, FIZ… Sometimes the same groups, but never the same experience.

“To win, to win, to win… and to win again”. This is the well-known quote from Luis Aragonés, Atletico de Madrid former coach. For me, this year, it has been… “To learn, to learn, to learn… and to learn again”. Learning is non-negotiable. And regarding that, this year was totally worth it, not only professionally but personally.

Welcome 2016. Hope this year I can get the write habit-loop working. The read habit-loop is ongoing already. These have been my self-gifts (is this a word?) for this new year:

  • Team of Teams – General Stanley McChrystal
  • Misbehaving – Richard H Thaler
  • The Rise Of The Robots – Martin Ford
  • Red Notice – Bill Browder
  • Work Rules! – Laszlo Bock
  • How to Fly a Horse – Kevin Ashton
  • El mundo de Sofía  – Joseph Gaarder
  • Drive – Daniel Pink
  • Thing Explainer – Randall Munroe
  • Habibi & Blankets – Craig Thompson
  • The Arrival – Shaun Tan
  • Insight Out: Get Ideas Out of Your Head and Into the World – Tina Seelig

And I have taken up again my PhD studies.

Bye bye 2015, and thank you. Welcome 2016, and bring it on.