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Hello world!

Yep, I’m a classic and I wrote my New Year’s resolutions on January 1st. Among those, I included this one: “Write a blog”. So this is it, I’m writing a blog. But why? This is not a coincidence. It’s been a while since I wanted to do this for several reasons:

  • I’d like this to be personal log/diary for me. It is not that I’m going to write personal stuff here. But I would like to remember what I wrote about a topic in a moment and how my thinking processes have evolved since then.
  • To share my point of view. Knowledge is universal and it’s great to see things from different perspectives. I would love to see people criticizing my posts so we can enrich our knowledge.
  • To push my creativity and maintain my brain alive.
  • Practice english (because man does not live by tv shows alone)

So… what I am going to write about? Here we have a problem. I like many things: Agile, leadership, business processes, creativity, inspiration, books, tv-shows, programming, economy, biomedical engineering, telecom, data science, entrepreneurship, design… Well, yes, it is too much. Let’s see what happens.