Not a big fan of scaling frameworks

This post is about Agile Scaling frameworks. But it could be applied to any kind of scaling framework in an organization.

I am not a big fan of frameworks. We should reflect on our challenges and areas for improvements, instead of look into what framework to use. Scaling frameworks are just inspiration. But the real focus should be the people. For scaling an organization, for pushing a transformation we need to know and understand the people and their interactions. An organizational change will come only if its individuals change.

Several years ago I spent a lot of hours thinking about frameworks and practices. I did not know what framework to use. And I remember a wise man telling me: “Do not force anything. Start with a clean slate and the organization will rise as a person develops his/her limbs and personality”. Each organization is different as each person is different as well. Don’t force anything. We need to spend as much time as needed understanding them so we can help them.

Of course, in this path we will run into practical problems. And we can get inspired by a framework or another. And if it is applicable, suggest it to our teams. But the first step should challenge them and see how they would do it. Help them to build their framework.